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6 Figure Jurni

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About This Jurni:

Adam will show you how to: Scale up, Take your business to the next level, Create irresistible offer, Employ powerful automation, Introduce growth strategies, and Create processes with predictable outcomes! He has invited lots of interesting guest who gonna share with you lots of unique strategies and insights which helped them scale up their businesses!

Show Host


Adam Bart

Host | 6 Figure Jurni

Adam has spent the last 10 years in Manchester UK after originally coming from capital of Poland πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±- Warsaw!

πŸ’₯HisΒ career before online business was in TV πŸ“Ί- with show production, than he had his own production Studio focused on a editorial and Video content productions, adverts and all kind of commercials. Then for many years he got involved in hospitality ( clubs , bars , restaurants) with hide success, creative a few very successful projects!

πŸ’₯2 years ago he decided to use his life experience and off line career and switched into online/ digital business and jumped into building a digital agency- focusing on websites, seo, and Facebook ads as a core (99%) business! ❗️

He discovered over a year that this is again exchanging time for money, very difficult to scale in a way he wanted to do it! 🎯 So he got into affiliate marketing- concentrated on high ticket digital products.

Adam focused πŸ’―on organic strategies, powerful content and conversation marketing. Plus powerful automation and processes allowing you to scale any online business! 🧐Also making a big push on change of mindset as a core base for any grow and success‼️

πŸ’₯He helps people to find their way and strategies to scale their business! He teaches how to:

βœ…Scale up !

βœ…Take your business to the next level !

βœ…Create irresistible offers !

βœ…Employ powerful automation !

βœ…Introduce growth strategies!

βœ…Create process with predictable outcome!

βœ…And many more...

He haa invited lots of interesting guests who share lots of unique strategies and insights which helped them scale up their businesses!

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