⛔️ Fraud Alert: Stories of SSM Abuse & Fraud

πŸ“’ Dozens of Members Now Reporting Not Getting Paid. What is Amanda Wray & The "Successful Solution Method" Hiding?

Shocking accounts of Abuse, Intimidation & Fraud made by a popular new social media marketing program with thousands of members and unpaid commissions.

🚫 SSM Exposed Interview (Part 1) - 11/11/2020

John Piro and Annmarie MarΓ© break the silence and come forward with the original SSM Exposed interview. After weeks of being denied payment and told on recording by Monika that they "Don't Use PayPal", Annmarie MarΓ© got paid by PayPal within 2 hours after this original interview was published.

🚫 SSM Exposed Interview (Part 2) - 11/30/2020

The follow up interview with nearly a dozen accounts of mistreatment by Amanda Wray, Monika, and Jay Earley. We cover FIVE (5) ways that people can try to get their money back, and hear the horror stories of abuse, mistreatment, intimidation and narcism that have brought many to tears at the pain caused by SSM.

πŸ‘‰ Here's a public report exposing Amanda Wray and SSM as a scam: https://samaustinlee.com/the-un-successful-solution-method-designed-to-keep-you-broke-amanda-wray-exposed/

πŸ‘‰ Here's a previous scam that Amanda Wray was involved in: https://behindmlm.com/mlm...pyramid-scheme/

Anonymous SSM Member Message:

I don't think she is purchasing traffic with all the money that is put in

John Piro's Messages to Hanifa:


Annmarie MarΓ©'s Messenger Message:

told by Amanda Wray she was psychopath and was totally blocked from the system she paid for asking for her money back!

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